Our Fundraising Efforts

Until December of 2019, ValpoNEXT had depended primarily on financial support from the city. Fortunately, we live in a city whose administration wants to hear from its residents! But the intention had always been for ValpoNEXT to be a citizen-led initiative, not an arm of the city, so we are now completely funded by the support of the community. It is believed that if we are going to be truly citizen-led, then we need to be citizen-supported.

ValpoNEXT is serving as the on-ramp for civic engagement to energize Valpo residents to be a meaningful part of shaping our city's future. Every donation is an investment in that future, making sure it reflects the hopes, ideas, and energy of all our neighbors.

Progress has been made! For example:
We said we wanted to invest in our community schools... and we passed two referendums to enable massive renovations of our neighborhood schools and the protection / expansion of educational opportunities for students.
We said we wanted to create an arts district... and the Valparaiso Creative Council has been hard at work on doing so for a few years now.
We said we wanted a renewed focus on our neighborhoods... and the city hired Maggie Clifton as community engagement director to help bring that focus.
We said we wanted to be a welcoming community... and in numerous ways we are extending that welcome. From the passage of the Human Rights Ordinance to a series of public discussions of racism and white supremacy, our community continues to grow toward being the welcoming community we all want to live in.
We said we wanted to build a platform for citizen action and input... and ValpoNEXT is becoming that platform.
We have had a hand in shaping the city's ever growing future, and we are excited to do more.
Every donation will help us...
  • Invest in ideas
  • Staff for success
  • Prepare for the future


Please consider donating today and sharing our mission with those around you. Every dollar is welcomed and appreciated beyond measure.

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