Organizations to Know

Shot of two young businesswomen shaking hands in a modern office

We are hoping to partner up with at least two organizations and/or businesses a month to spread the word on the work they do in our wonderful city. These organizations/businesses will be ones that are making a positive impact in our city and want to grow in what they do.

We hope to share their stories and connect them with members of our community that can join the efforts and/or at least connect them to groups and people that can advance their efforts further.

This page exists to highlight those organizations/groups that we collaborate with.

Nothing yet! Fill out the form below to help us find groups to collaborate with!

If you are part of an organization or know of one that would like to team up with us to expand their network, reach out for volunteers, raise money for a fundraiser, or just want to get word out on what they do, please fill out the form below! We will reach out to you or whomever you list as a contact to talk about what we can do to help.

You can either click the button to follow it to the Google Form we have created, or fill out the form on this page. Thanks in advance!!