Give Back to Your Community

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Through ValpoNEXT!

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Here at ValpoNEXT, we strive to get the community in touch with itself and its members engaged with each other. Volunteering through ValpoNEXT means you represent our organization while volunteering at an event, whether it be ours or another organization's; or to attend Valpo events on behalf of ValpoNEXT, being a presence in attendance.

Why do we do this?

Well, we want to support every facet of the community that inspires growth and positivity, and sending out volunteers to do so and show that Valpo cares about its community members' interests- big events, small art showcases, and everything in between- does exactly that. We want to inspire people to become more civically engaged, and to be the organization that makes that happen.

If you are interested in volunteering and do not know how to get connected in the volunteering world in the community, we are the best place for you! We don't hold you to a specific hour commitment, and we get you connected to events and volunteer opportunities that actually interest you, no matter how involved you want to be. We're here to support you, your interests, and your ideas, and hope you choose us to be your "volunteer agency," so to speak.

We take the hassle of finding volunteer opportunities out of the equation, all you have to do is accept an opportunity and show up!

If you're interested in volunteering through us, please fill out the interest survey below and someone will be in contact with you to further discuss where you would like to be connected as a volunteer.

Eric and Nicole Upton