Equity and Inclusion

Focusing on ValpoNEXT initiatives No. 1: Engaging Our Citizens and No. 3: Embracing Our Diversity, this community focus helps our organization seek to help Valpo be welcoming and inclusive in all dimensions, from civic engagement to housing and jobs. Citizen engagement and dialog are keys to success. The board of directors wants to convene citizens with varying and opposing viewpoints into a respectful dialog (whether it be online or in person) that will begin to correct myths and misunderstandings about those of a different race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economical class. It also wants to play an active role in supporting initiatives that are being pursued by other groups and organizations in community and celebrate the diversity within the Valparaiso community.


ValpoNEXT focuses on Equity and Inclusion in a number of ways:

  • We created a resource page on race and racism to support people of color in our community and to bring awareness to the truths that lie within our country, and add to it when we find great resources we feel we should share!
  • Have an ongoing Heritage Month series on our Facebook page where we share resources and ways to support and celebrate people that have heritage in the month that it may be (February is Black History Month, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, etc.)
  • This series also extends to all sorts of groups of people that we are able to celebrate in our community (March is Women's History Month, etc.)
  • We share posts from and support organizations that work with different groups of people in our community (organizations that work with people with disabilities, housing organizations, etc.)
  • We collaborate with organizations in the area that have missions and visions that align with the ValpoNEXT Vision Plan's initiatives that talk about diversity, inclusion, and anything in between (Check out organizations we have worked with HERE)


If you want to discuss Equity and Inclusion with a member of the Board of Directors, please fill out the form below and you will be directed to the appropriate contact!