Economic Vitality

Focusing on ValpoNEXT initiatives No. 6a: Facilitate Downtown Housing, No. 6b: Manage Fiber Network Development and No. 6c: Prepare a Downtown Amenities/Attraction Strategy, ValpoNEXT strives to connect an array of business owners, engaged citizens, and strategic city leaders who will be able to communicate opportunities, ideas, and strategy for working together to meet our city's economic goals.  Through a diversified local economy which nurtures existing businesses and incubates new ones, fostering economic competitiveness offers residents a wide range of ways to advance their financial standing.


ValpoNEXT focuses on Economic Vitality in a number of ways:

  • We share social media posts from local businesses and organizations
  • We create social media posts (on our own Facebook page) and dedicate quarterly newsletter sections to sharing ways on how to support local, whether it is financial or not
  • We collaborate with organizations in the area that have missions and visions that align with the ValpoNEXT Vision Plan's initiatives in some way (Check out organizations we have worked with HERE)


If you want to discuss Economic Vitality with a member of the Board of Directors, please fill out the form below and you will be directed to the appropriate contact!