Podcast: Eric Zosso on Economic Vitality and ValpoNEXT

Eric Zosso of Zoseco Coworking

ValpoNEXT Coordinator Kathy Sipple speaks with Eric Zosso, ValpoNEXT President and leader of the Economic Vitality Community Action Committee. They discuss current plans by the Economic Vitality group to work with the City and install a fiber network. Zosso also brings up potential resources to tap-into in the future. He talks about the Valparaiso Creative Council, headed by Nicole Upton. Maggie Clifton’s role as the connection between ValpoNEXT and the City of Valparaiso is explained in further detail. Sipple and Zosso “call out” active members of the Economic Vitality community board for their valuable volunteering, and they discuss avenues for interested parties to get involved with ValpoNEXT activities.

Transcript Notes

  • Eric Zosso is the president of ValpoNEXT and also leads the Economic Vitality community board. He also owns a co-working space downtown called Zoseco Coworking.
  • First initiative, based on public desire, is to facilitate new downtown housing.
  • Want to manage fiber network development: the city is actively pursuing this avenue.
    • Possibly develop a meeting and conference center to encourage events that play a part in both tourism and in our business strengths.
    • Creating airport support services (future plans).
  • Promoting green practices with sustainable development in our future.
  • Nicole Upton serves as the President of the Board for the Valparaiso Creative Council, connected to initiatives originally outlined in the ValpoNEXT Vision Plan under Culture and Recreation.
  • Maggie Clifton is the director of Community Engagement for the City of Valparaiso.
    • The Human Relations Council established this position to promote a deliberate effort in the realm of community engagement.
    • As ValpoNEXT is not a city institution, Maggie Clifton can serve as a point person to connect passionate citizens with the City of Valparaiso.
  • Active participants
    • Spencer Skinner is a board member for ValpoNEXT who works in Chicago in the housing sector.
    • Isaac Carr is the CEO of CCSK Law in town. He is dedicated, structure, organized, and has been recently added to the board of ValpoNEXT.
    • Bill Herring works with SCORE to give no-cost business advice to local startups.
  • Always looking for new diverse members to attend meetings to contribute opinions, knowledge, and passion.
  • The Equity and Inclusion group is tackling affordable shelter and seeing how it relates to our city as a whole.
    • Hosted a summit in May to get all five groups together with members of the community.

Getting Involved!

Transit Oriented Development RFP Opportunity

The Valparaiso Redevelopment Commission has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of property at and around 260-360 South Campbell Street Valparaiso, IN 46383.

The RFP is attached and is best viewed with an online connection to view all accompanying resources. The RFP can also be viewed online at: https://ci.valparaiso.in.us/DocumentCenter/View/6379

The RFP is accompanied by a website that includes maps, property descriptions and environmental reports: https://ci.valparaiso.in.us/1583/RFP-Parcel-Information

The Commission has also prepared a “virtual walk-through” including pictures and maps of buildings and parcels: https://ci.valparaiso.in.us/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4435

Please be aware of the following timeline:

March 5, 2018:
A walkthrough will be hosted at the Redevelopment Area from 2pm-4pm CT. Alternative tour dates may be arranged by contacting Lauren Orchard at lorchard@valpo.us; however, there is no guarantee that alternative dates can be accommodated.

April 5, 2018:
All requests for clarification must be received at least one (1) week before the opening date to allow for the issuance of any addendums determined by the Commission to be necessary.

April 12, 2018: Any Respondent wishing to make a Proposal to purchase any or all of parcels of the real estate offered for sale must submit their sealed, written Proposal no later than April 12, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. CT. The Proposals received will be opened in public by the Commission’s Executive Director on April 12, 2018 during the Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting, which begins at 4:00 pm CT.
Interpretations or clarifications determined necessary by the Commission will be issued by addenda mailed, e-mailed, or otherwise delivered to all Respondents recorded by the Commission as having received the RFP and requesting to receive updated information.

Please note that to receive addendums or other information updates, Respondents must email Lauren Orchard at lorchard@valpo.us to register their email contact information. Only questions answered by formal written addenda will be binding. Oral and other interpretations or clarifications from any other source will be without legal effect.