About Our Monthly Newsletter


On the last day of every month, we send out our Monthly Update Newsletter to our email subscribers. This newsletter entails information on organization updates, upcoming events and event information, and general information we believe needs to be spread around.

Those that are subscribed to our email list receive priority access to information, such as announcements of interactive events that they have first access to signing up for, and special information we won't share via social media. We feel subscribers should get priority access to what we are doing now and in the future, since they have taken special interest in our organization. It's like a "thank you" from us to you!

Also, in the future, we might even do a special discount for our newsletter subscribers if we do a paid ticket event, so that's an even better reason to be involved!

If you would like to find out what our newsletters entail and want to do a trial run as a subscriber, fill out the form below! We will add you to our email list and all you have to do is hit "unsubscribe" on the latest email if you don't feel like receiving them anymore.