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We energize Valpo residents to be a meaningful part of shaping our city’s future by serving as the "on-ramp" for civic engagement and by stewarding the long-range Vision Plan (found below).

ValpoNEXT is a  non-profit, 501c(3) organization, established with support from the City of Valparaiso, and dedicated to helping the Valparaiso community realize its bold, long-term vision as put forth in the ValpoNEXT Vision Plan, developed by hundreds of citizens and formally adopted by the City Council in 2014.

Vision Plan

880+ Citizens

2,090 Pieces of Input

9 Initiatives & 43 Actions

ValpoNEXT started in 2014 as a community-driven process to prepare the long-term Vision Plan for the City of Valparaiso. During a year-long planning process, a broad range of citizens thought creatively and acted boldly to create a plan that ensures Valpo will remain a leading place to live, work and play for decades to come.

Today ValpoNEXT is the name of the community-led nonprofit charged with keeping these aspirations alive and seeing the Vision Plan through.

You can download the original plan here.


Our Organization's Community Focuses

Equity & Inclusion

ValpoNEXT strives to be fair, partial, and inclusive to all-

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Economic Vitality

ValpoNEXT acknowledges the life of our economy-

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Sense Of Place

ValpoNEXT works to unite the community together-

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Nurturing Our Young People

ValpoNEXT cares for and supports the community's youth-

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